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You might already know that DEVOUR Tools is an all-American company, but we wanted to use this festive season to remind you how proud we are to conduct our business right here in the USA. In a time when many tool brands are shipping business overseas, we continue to manufacture our innovative and top-quality products, such as our all-purpose diamond blades, right here in America.


Where do DEVOUR Diamond Blades Come From?

“The USA” is kind of a broad term. In case you’re looking for specifics, DEVOUR Tools maintains a factory in Fort Wayne, Indiana, the second largest city in the state. That’s where we sand blast, electroplate, print, and ship our diamond blades and bits. Our blanks (steel blades with no printing or diamonds) are sourced from Michigan. We do all of our work in-house: this blog is being written ten feet away from the factory floor!


What Tool Brands Manufacture Overseas?

More than you’d think. Most so-called American companies have factories overseas, even if they still make some of their products in the USA, and many companies that used to have American factories are now completely made in Asia! Of course, this isn’t just a tool industry problem. Take a look at this list of companies confirmed to be shipping American jobs to other countries.


Why does Made in the USA Matter?

DEVOUR Tools is dedicated to remaining a made in the USA diamond blade company for a number of reasons. First and foremost, we care deeply about our country and our fellow Americans. Companies like DEVOUR Tools provide essential jobs for American workers and, in that way, provide for American families and other American businesses. When you support our company, you help our employees keep a hold of their jobs. Believe us: they’re grateful.

American companies are also more capable of providing top-of-the-line products. Businesses that are based in the USA are far more accessible than businesses overseas, which means they better understand what customers are looking for. American companies are also known for better product innovation. A diamond blade made in the USA, for example, will often have newer technology and a higher-quality design than one made in China.


Celebrate the Fourth with DEVOUR Tools!

Here at DEVOUR Tools, we know how to celebrate the Fourth of July right. We’re offering 25% off our entire catalog for all orders through the Fourth. Come celebrate our country’s birthday with us!