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Devour Premium blades use the Electroplating process for production of our Diamond wheels. With this process, we can control placement of diamonds, optimize diamond exposure for speed and durability, and ensure perfect performance from every wheel produced.

Electroplating for maximum placement and diamond exposure. Best for diamond products
Brazing for strong bond on abrasive to substrate. Best for Carbide
Metal Bond (sintered metal bond) uses a filler material to bond abrasive to wheel. Strong bond and inexpensive process but allows wheel to shrink with use.  Best for economical bond of diamond.

Electroplating is a superior process when speed and durability are important. Electroplating allows precise placement and exposure of diamond; and, because the process is low heat (150 degree) preserves the diamond for maximum performance.

Devour Premium blades are designed to cut a wide variety of material. The harder the material, the better the performance

If your Devour Premium blade slows or stops cutting, here is a trick you can try:  make a “wet” cut in hard concrete…about 12” long.  This should clear the blade and allow you to continue cutting.  This can be especially effective after cutting softer materials like wood, laminate, or soft metals.

While each Devour Premium wheel is designed for a specific set of materials, most will cut a wide variety of materials. If you are often cutting different materials, try the Devour All Purpose (orange) blade.

Our 4”-7” wheels are made with a 7/8” arbor; but all come with a 5/8” brass reducer that enables use with 5/8” arbor tools

Non-Ferrous metals are a challenge for any Diamond cutting wheel. If you are cutting these materials, it is suggested that you lubricate the diamond edge of the wheel before cutting and keep if lubricated throughout the cut.

Devour Premium wheels will maintain their cutting depth throughout the entire life of the wheel unlike bonded abrasives or metal bond technologies.

Max RPM varies by wheel size. Please refer to our chart for Max rpm


Inch mm
4" (102mm) 9,000 15,200
4-1/2" (114mm) 8,000 13,500
5" (127mm) 7,200 12,200
5-1/2" (140mm) 6,500 11,090
6" (152mm) 6,000 10,185
7" (178mm) 5,100 8,730
8" (203mm) 4,500 7,640
9" (229mm) 4,000 6,700
10" (254mm) 3,600 6,115
12" (305mm) 3,000 5,095
12" High Speed Blades 6,300
14" High Speed Blades 5,460

Most Devour Premium blades are designed to perform either dry or wet. You may prefer dry cutting for ease or speed without the mess of water spray.  Wet cutting may be preferred to extend the life of your blade, result in a better finish of cut, or to cut down on dust during cutting.

The most common reason for a blade not cutting is usually a misapplication. A loss of cutting speed is most often encountered on harder materials which have little or no abrasiveness. A hard bonded blade used on a hard material will not wear properly. It cannot wear away at a fast enough rate to keep diamond exposed and keep cutting the hard material.

Segmented is for more aggressive cuts is softer materials like concrete; but leaves a rough finish.
Turbo is for faster cuts in harder materials like ceramic and porcelain; but leave a rough & chipped finish.
Continuous is for smoother cuts and finish; but slower speed.

Please contact us within 30 days of the delivery arrival of your product and we will send you a new product.

Items can be refunded 30 days after the delivery of your DEVOUR product. Contact us with any issues and we will be happy to help you

All shipments are shipped complete within 48 hours by UPS Ground unless otherwise specified.  Most orders placed before 3:00 PM CST Monday through Friday will be processed and shipped the same day. Orders placed after 3:00 PM CST, over the weekend, or on a US Holiday will be processed and shipped the following business day. International and Truck Freight orders require additional communication and processing time.

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