PREMIUM Metal Segmented Rim Diamond Blades



Angle Iron
Cast Iron
Steel Bar
Steel Pipe
  • Up to 100X Longer life vs standard abrasive wheels
  • Made in USA
  • Superior life and finish of cut in non-ferrous metals including cast iron, rebar, angle iron, and steel pipe
  • Premium diamond provides smooth cuts and consistent depth of cut throughout life of blade

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Product Description

PREMIUM Metal Segmented Rim Diamond Saw Blade

Attention expert builders and DIY buffs! Step into unparalleled cutting excellence with Devour’s PREMIUM Metal Segmented Rim Diamond Saw Blade. Proudly crafted in the USA, this blade will save time and effort on every cut.


Our high-quality diamond blades are manufactured in the USA using low-temperature electroplating. Commonly used in industries that require exact precision, like aerospace, medical, batteries and more. This process bonds our diamonds securely without the use of damaging heat or pressure. Plus, our unique Radial Cutting-Edge Technology coats the rounded edges of our blades in quality diamonds. This increases surface area for an even cleaner cut, no shrinkage, and longer life.

These blades are made with top-quality diamonds and carbon steel, last 3 times longer, and cut 3 times faster on cast iron, rebar, angle iron, steel pipe, and more. This superior composition helps prevent fracturing and shattering of the blades.


Devour’s All Purpose blades are shrink-resistant. They maintain a consistent depth of cut from the first to the thousandth time, thanks to our rigorous manufacturing process.


Available in 7″, 5″, and 4.5″ sizes, our blade ensures a seamless fit across a wide range of your equipment every time.


Safety First! Our blade operates efficiently at a maximum RPM of 13,000.

Wet or Dry

Versatility at its best! Our blade is suitable for wet and dry cutting, ensuring optimal results every time. Wet cutting can prolong the blade’s life and provide a cleaner cut.


Designed with a 7/8″ arbor, our blade also has a 5/8” brass reducer, ensuring compatibility with 5/8” arbor tools.


From cast iron, rebar, angle iron, steel pipe, and more, our blades excel in cutting a wide range of materials with finesse.

But that’s not all! Order today and enjoy FREE SAME DAY SHIPPING,, and HASSLE FREE RETURNS. Dive into a world of precision, durability, and excellence with Devour. Let us help you DEVOUR your next project!

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Angle Iron, Cast Iron, Conduit, Rebar, Steel Bar, Steel Pipe