PREMIUM Diamond 1/4″ Shank Tuckpointing Bit


  • 1/4″round shank
  • Made in USA
  • High quality diamond for superior life and fast cutting
  • For use with Drills, high speed rotary tools, routers, and die grinders

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PREMIUM Diamond 1/4″ Shank Tuckpointing Bit

Whether you’re a passionate DIY enthusiast or a seasoned professional contractor, our Devour Diamond 1/4″ Shank Tuckpointing Bit has been engineered with you in mind. Elevate your masonry work with a tool that promises durability, efficiency, and unmatched precision.


DEVOUR’s perfectly centered diamond drill bits are milled from a single piece of carbon steel. This process, paired with our high-quality diamonds, provides faster cutting and longer life. This quality is far superior to our competitors, who often weld their bits together.

Made in the USA! Unlike many competitors, DEVOUR is a family-owned and operated company that continues to serve you entirely from the United States. Dedicated employees across the American Midwest proudly do all our drill bit R&D, design, and manufacturing.


Our diamond tuckpointing drill bits come in three sizes: 2-¾”, 3-½””, and 4-⅝””. The shank is ¾” long, and ¼” diameter for use with many different tools.

Wet or Dry

Used Wet or Dry – our quality bits provide a cutting experience rarely matched.


For use with Drills, high-speed rotary tools, routers, die grinders and more.

But that’s not all! Order today and enjoy SAME DAY FREE SHIPPING, and HASSLE FREE RETURNS. Dive into a world of precision, durability, and excellence with Devour. Your perfect cut awaits!